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Preservation and Transformation: The Future of the Rural West

Eccles Family Rural West Conference, Troutdale, Oregon, March 4-6, 2015


(Note: Panel times and panel order might change.  If they do, we'll update the schedule below.)

Wednesday, March 4

4:30–5:00 pm:  Registration

5:00–7:30 pm:  Informal welcome reception and data visualization talk by Geoff McGhee and Thomas Favre-Bulle

Thursday, March 5

8:15–8:30 am:  Registration (for folks who can't attend the Wed. night reception)

8:30-9:00 am:  Breakfast welcome with David M. Kennedy, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and founding Faculty Director of Stanford's Bill Lane Center for the American West

9:15–10:45 am:  Panel 1: Fewer People Means Less Crime… Right?  The Unique Challenges of Policing the Rural West

10:45–11:00 am: Coffee break

11:00–12:30 pm:  Panel 2: Whose Land Is It, Anyway? Perspectives on Land Protection and Access in the 21st Century

12:30–1:50 pm:  Lunch 

2:00–3:30 pm:  Panel 3: Beyond Barren Farms and Empty Houses: The Rural Western Economy, Past, Present, and Future

3:30–4:00 pm:  Snack break

4:00 pm–5:30 pm:  Panel 4: Smart Phones and Hay Bales: Generation Z’s Future in the Rural West

6:00 pm–7:30 pm:  Dinner and Keynote speech by William Wyckoff

Friday, March 6

8:30–9:00 am:  Breakfast

9:00–10:30 am:  Panel 5: Conflicts and Intersections in Rural Western Cultures 

10:30–10:45 am:  Coffee break

10:45–12:15 pm:  Panel 6: A Western Wish List: Ideas, Rights, and Services that Could Transform the Region 

12:15–1:30 pm: Lunch and closing remarks by political scientist Bruce E. Cain, Faculty Director of Stanford's Bill Lane Center for the American West





Rural West Conference Volume

Bridging the Distance

Common Issues of the Rural West

Edited by David B. Danbom
Foreword by David M. Kennedy

Published in cooperation with the Bill Lane Center for the American West, Stanford University
The University of Utah Press has published Bridging the Distance, a book by the Rural West Initiative of the Bill Lane Center for the American West. Edited by the distinguished historian David B. Danbom and with a foreword by Center co-founding director David M. Kennedy, the book explores the Rural West across four dimensions: Community, Land, Economics – and defining the Rural West itself. The book is the result of work presented at the first Conference on the Rural West, which took place in Ogden, Utah, in October 2012.